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[2154] Motivation

Title Text:What’s even worse is, a month ago they transferred me to work on the game I was already playing, and suddenly I found myself procrastinating by playing the one I’d been assigned before. It’s possible they’re onto me and this is all part of the plan.


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[2153] Effects of High Altitude

Title Text:If she’d lived in Flagstaff (elevation 6,903 feet), Cruella de Vil would only have needed 89 dalmatians for her coat.


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[2152] Westerns

Title Text:Sitting here idly trying to figure out how the population of the Old West in the late 1800s compares to the number of Red Dead Redemption 2 players.


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[2151] A/B

Title Text:We wrote our site in Linear A rather than Aksara Kawi because browser testing showed that Crete script rendered faster than Java script.


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[2150] XKeyboarCD

Title Text:The key caps use LCD displays for all the vowels, so they can automatically adjust over the years to reflect ongoing vowel shifts while allowing you to keep typing phonetically.



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[2149] Alternate Histories

Title Text:”So their universe wouldn’t have the iconic photo of a screaming Truman being hoisted aloft by the newspaper-printing machinery…”


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[2148] Cubesat Launch

Title Text:Luckily, the damages were partly offset by the prize money we got from accidentally winning the nearby water skiing championship tournament.


A CubeSat(又名U级航天器)是一种微型人造卫星,立方体尺寸为10 cm×10 cm×11.35 cm(约4 in in 4 in in4.5 in),质量约为1.33 kg(2.9 lbs)每单位。 CubeSats从国际空间站进入轨… Read more

[2147] Appendicitis

Title Text:Fortunately, after a brief skirmish, I seem to have gained the upper hand in the battle against my internal organs, at least until they learn to read and find out the mean stuff I’ve said about them.


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[2146] Waiting for the But

Title Text:Listen, I’m not a fan of the Spanish Inquisition OR predatory multi-level marketing schemes…



通常论据是以“我认为X,但是Y”的形式提出的,其中Y几乎与X不相矛盾。更具… Read more

[2145] Heists And Escapes

Title Text:The interactive experience is built on a single theological framework that unites Dante, George R. R. Martin, every major heist movie, and Erin Gloria Ryan’s “Kevin is dead” Home Alone theory.



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