Year: 2018

[2092] Consensus New Year

Title Text:The biggest jump is at 11:00am EST (4:00pm UTC) when midnight reaches the UTC+8 time zone. That time zone, which includes China, is home to a quarter of the world’s population. India and Sri Lanka (UTC+5:30) put us over the 50% mark soon after.<



跳最大的時間點發生在 11:00 AM EST(4:00 UTC)
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[2091] Million, Billion, Trillion

Title Text:You can tell most people don鈥檛 really assign an absolute meaning to these numbers because in some places and time periods, 鈥渂illion鈥?has meant 1,000x what it’s meant in others, and a lot of us never even noticed.


与漫画558非常相似,这部漫画讲述了普通… Read more

[2090] Feathered Dinosaur Venn Diagram

Title Text:My pet theory is that in real life, the kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park who made fun of the ‘six-foot turkey’ never got a talking-to from Dr. Grant, and grew up to produce several of the movie’s sequels.



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[2089] Christmas Eve Eve

Title Text:It turns out that saying “Oh, so THAT’S why they call it Boxing Day” is a good way to get punched a second time.





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[2088] Schwarzschild’s Cat

Title Text:Cats can be smaller than the critical limit, but they’re unobservable. If one shrinks enough that it crosses the limit, it just appears to get cuter and cuter as it slowly fades from view.


这部漫画主要是关于施瓦兹希尔半径的文字玩笑,或者是与事件视界相对应的黑洞的距离。给定体的施瓦兹半径半径是给定质量在变成黑洞之前可以缩小的极限 – Sch… Read more

[2087] Rocket Launch

Title Text:NASA tries to coordinate launch timing with the Care Bears’ cloud castle, but unfortunately sometimes collisions with stray Care Bears are unavoidable, so they just try to make the fairings sturdy and hope for a glancing impact.


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[2086] History Department

Title Text:When we take into account the recent discovery of previously-unstudied history in the 1750s, this year may have been an outright loss.


在这个漫画中,马尾辫是历史系的代表,可能是大学或其他组织的一个部门。她介绍了2018年的年度… Read more

[2084] FDR

Title Text:June 21st, 365, the date of the big Mediterranean earthquake and tsunami, lived in infamy for a few centuries before fading. Maybe the trick is a catchy rhyme; the ‘5th of November’ thing is still going strong over 400 years later.


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[2083] Laptop Issues

Title Text:Hang on, we got a call from the feds. They say we can do whatever with him, but the EPA doesn’t want that laptop in the ocean. They’re sending a team.



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