Month: September 2017

[1896] Active Ingredients Only

Title Text:Contains the active ingredients from all competing cold medicines, plus the medicines for headaches, arthritis, insomnia, indigestion, and more, because who wants THOSE things?<


商业医学通常具有一种(或几种)“活性”成分和许多“非活性”成分。有效成分是实际的药物,而非活性成分 – 如防腐剂,染料或粘合剂 – 被添加以将活性成分稀释到… Read more

[1895] Worrying Scientist Interviews

Title Text:They always try to explain that they’re called ‘solar physicists’, but the reporters interrupt with “NEVER MIND THAT, TELL US WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE SUN!”<


当新的发展发生时,新闻频道将经常采访该领域的专家[需要的引证],以教育外行人正在发生的事情。因此,当你打开当地新闻并看到正在接受采访的科… Read more

[1894] Real Estate

Title Text:I tried converting the prices into pizzas, to put it in more familiar terms, and it just became a hard-to-think-about number of pizzas.<


在这部漫画中,Cueball正与他的房地产经纪人马尾辫谈论他正在寻求购买房屋的价格。这可能是他第一次买房子,他对这个过程非常不知所措,这是首次购房者的一种非常普遍的感受。房地产市场是如此复杂和不断变化,外行人几乎不可能对一块房产的价值有任何概念。必须依靠房地产经纪人,建筑检查… Read more

[1893] Thread

Title Text:Since the current Twitter threadfall kicked off in early 2016, we can expect it to continue until the mid-2060s when the next Interval begins.<


F’nor是Anne McCaffrey的流行[引人瞩目]科幻/幻想系列Dragonriders of Pern的角色。他发布了一条关于“线程”的Twitter评论(一个只有一条评论长的“线程”,因此是“1/1”),这是一个来自同一系列的大规模破坏性外星生物。佩恩是一… Read more

[1892] USB Cables

Title Text:Tag yourself, I’m “frayed.”<



 携带电源但不携带数据 – USB电缆具有单独的数据和电源线。为了省钱(有时出于安全… Read more

[1891] Obsolete Technology

Title Text:And I can’t believe some places still use fax machines. The electrical signals waste so much time going AROUND the Earth when neutrino beams can go straight through!<


这个漫画嘲笑批评一个行业使用过时技术的人,即使所述技术足以完成手头的任务。这种说法经常伴随着这样一种暗示:行业的负责人落后于时代,无法适应最前沿。这些批评者经常没有意识到的是,坚持使用“过时”的基础… Read more

[1890] What to Bring

Title Text:I always figured you should never bring a gun to a gun fight because then you’ll be part of a gun fight.<




这部漫画的幽默来自于两个共同但不相关的建议:“永远不会把刀带到枪战”,“永远不会把水放在油火上”。这些短语的必然结果是刀只用于刀具战斗,而水只适用于木火(或类似的固体和多孔燃料)。 Munroe创建了一个网格,… Read more

[1889] xkcd Phone 6

Title Text:We understand your privacy concerns; be assured that our phones will never store or transmit images of your face.<


XKCD Phone 6


这是正在进行的xkcd手机系列中的第六个条目,再一次,漫画中播放了许多标准技术流行语,并且可怕地误用了所有这些流行语,创造了一个听起来令人印象深刻的手机,但显然不是最大的无知的客户。 18… Read more

[1888] Still in Use

Title Text:’Which one?’ ‘I dunno, it’s your house. Just check each object.’ ‘Check it for *what*?’ ‘Whether it looks like it might have touched a paper towel at some point and then forgotten to let go.’ ‘…’ ‘You can also Google to learn how to check which things are using which resources.’ ‘You know, I’ll ju… Read more

[1887] Two Down, One to Go

Title Text:The third row will probably have to wait until 2034, and maybe longer. If I see a daytime supernova, I’ll replace the meteor storm with that and consider it 3/3.<


在这部漫画中,兰德尔列出了三个最壮观的天文观测:日全食,极光(北半球的北极光和南极的极光)以及流星风暴。 2017年,这两个现象中的前两个在几周内发生在美国大部分地区的观察员身上 – 这是兰德尔庆祝的巧合… Read more