Month: July 2010

[773] University Website

Title Text:People go to the website because they can’t wait for the next alumni magazine, right? What do you mean, you want a campus map? One of our students made one as a CS class project back in ’01! You can click to zoom and everything!



人們會去這些網站是因為他們等不及想看下一期的校友雜誌對吧?什麼?你說要校園地圖?我們有個 CS
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[772] Frogger

Title Text:I understand you and your team worked hard on this, but when we said to make it more realistic, we meant the graphics.




该游戏继续引入越… Read more

[771] Period Speech

Title Text:The same people who spend their weekends at the Blogger Reenactment Festivals will whine about the anachronisms in historical movies, but no one else will care.



 “Forsooth”来自伊丽莎白时代(1558年 – 603年)

 “Grok”是1961年Robert Heinlein小说“陌生人中的陌生人”中的一句话

 “Jive”是20世纪40… Read more

[770] All the Girls

Title Text:You know that I’ll never leave you. Not as long as she’s with someone.


一对年轻夫妇(Cueball和Megan)恋爱了。在第一个小组中,Cueball说他很幸运能拥有Megan,当你恋爱时,这是一个非常好的事情。在第二个小组中,Cueball告诉Megan他在世界上所有的女孩中最爱她,这在你恋爱时再说一遍是完美的。然而,麻烦出现在第三个小组中,Cueball提供了他的… Read more

[769] War

Title Text:They offered to make me a green beret, but I liked my regular one. Although it gets kind of squashed under my helmet.


今天的漫画似乎是关于战争期间爱情危险的寓言。我们的主角在这里看到靠在低矮的墙后面,对于任何有步枪和范围的绅士来说,肯定是一个很好的藏身之所。从他写作的那封信来看,他与Cordelia有着复杂的关系。一方面,她很有魅力。另一方面,她是一个敌对的战斗员,正如在中间发射的枪声所证明的那样。然而,Cordelia的射击对她起了作用,因为她… Read more

[768] 1996

Title Text:College Board issues aside, I have fond memories of TI-BASIC, writing in it a 3D graphing engine and a stock market analyzer. With enough patience, I could make anything… but friends. (Although with my chatterbot experiments, I certainly tried.)


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[767] Temper

Title Text:Mr. Rogers projected an air of genuine, unwavering, almost saintly pure-hearted decency. But when you look deeper, at the person behind the image… that’s exactly what you find there, too. He’s exactly what he appears to be.



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[766] Green Flash

Title Text:The exact cause of the phenomenon is unknown, but it’s thought to be linked to atmospheric refraction and you getting a really cool car.



绿色闪光是指在黄昏(黎明初或黄昏)发生的光学现象,在太阳的最边缘可以看到一缕绿光。黑帽试图通过这个事件分散Cueball的注意力,以便他可以用手中的瓶子淘汰Cueball并… Read more

[765] Dilution

Title Text:Dear editors of Homeopathy Monthly: I have two small corrections for your July issue. One, it’s spelled “echinacea”, and two, homeopathic medicines are no better than placebos and your entire magazine is a sham.



顺势疗法两大法宝:一曰稀释,二曰震荡…… more

[764] One Two

Title Text:Cue letters from anthropology majors complaining that this view of numerolinguistic development perpetuates a widespread myth. They get to write letters like that because when you’re not getting a real science degree you have a lot of free time. Zing!


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